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Why Choose Med Free Living?

  • Great customer retention / repeat business
  • Consumers calling daily to find local stores
  • Over 80,000 bottles sold annually
  • Increased revenue and customer base loyalty
  • A product that consumers trust and rely on daily
  • Enhancing more than 50,000 lives every year!
  • Offering you great support, training, store displays, samples, & more.


“We have been selling the Med Free Living Product Factor 5 for some time now, and I can honestly say that this product, literally sells itself because it works! Customers always come back for more and in the meantime, they have told 3 to 4 of their friends about this great product.”

Dan / Colonsville Country Store. Clare MI

“We love selling Med Free Living Products because they work! Our customers know these products and ask for them by name. The repeat business is constant and this brand has greatly increased sales in our supplement department.”

Mike / German Village Market. Berlin, OH