• Aids in Naturally Lowering Blood Pressure 

Doctors usually prescribe diuretics (water pills) for high blood pressure, however the 3nB found in celery seed may aid naturally as both a diuretic and vasodilator (relaxing of the arteries to reduce the resistance of blood flow)

  • Aids in the Prevention of a Stroke

Conventional drugs may actually lower blood flow to the brain, causing unwanted side effects such as depression; tiredness; dizziness; and forgetfulness. In recent studies, the 3nB in Celery seed has shown to not only aid in stroke prevention, but may improve blood flow to the brain along with increased neurological activity with no known reported side effects.

  • Aids as a Natural alternative to Pain Relievers for sufferers of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, & Gout

Research shows the 3nB has a profound effect on many of the body’s control systems – mainly the Prostaglandin System. Prostaglandins are chemicals that control these very important body processes, including regulating inflammation, pain/swelling, and heart, kidney and digestive functions.

Source: http://doctormurray.com